Solar Project 5

The project is located in Spain in the Municipality of Samper de Calanda (Teruel), Aragón, around 1 km west of HIJAR substation.

• Estimated capacity: 73 MWp

• Configuration: 1 axis solar trackers

• Models of the different elements used for the simulation:

◦ Panels: TSP-410 Wp (TRUNSUN SOLAR)

◦ Inverters: SG3125HV (SUNGROW)

◦ Solar tracker: SF7 (SOLTEC)

• Total land Leased: 170 ha by Long term lease price: 1.150 €/ha.

This project is under development ,greenfield status , looking for a partner to development pv in Spain long time . Development cost is around 30.000 euros x mw , PPA 40 euros mwh , 10 years.